Tape Extensions

Tape Extensions

Tape Hair Extensions - 16"

1/2 Head (45g)


3/4 Head (90g)


Full Head (135g)


Extra Pack (45g) After 3 Packs​

Tape Hair Extensions - 20"

1/2 Head (50g)


3/4 Head (100g)


Full Head (150g)


Extra Pack (50g) After 3 Packs​

Tape Hair Extensions - 24"

1/2 Head (60g)


3/4 Head (120g)


Full Head (180g)


Extra (60g) After 3 Packs

Tape hair extensions are a fantastic new application method that lasts between 6-8 weeks.

They can then be re applied for a further 3-5 applications thereafter if the correct aftercare procedures are followed. Great for fine hair for adding volume as it’s very flat to the head. They are also fantastic for medium to thick hair for adding length as well as thickness if required.

Tape hair extensions are totally undetectable as the strips lay flat to the head, they are very reliable at staying in position and don’t slip. They are very comfortable and are very quick to apply.

The tapes can be removed easily at home using our special solution which is available to purchase online and instore, or can be professionally removed in any of our boutiques. 

After removal the hair needs to be washed then new tape is applied to the hair at maintenance and moved back up to the root.

No damage will be caused to the natural hair if we apply and remove your extensions professionally. 

With tapes you can style hair as normal curly or straight. 

We only source the very best quality Remy double drawn hair.

All our hair is cuticle correct and does not tangle. 

Our tape hair is also available to purchase online in our shop as many clients apply them at home.

All prices below include hair extensions, application, cut & style. 

*all prices include hair, application, cut & style